Monday, December 9, 2013

The Journey Keeps Evolving

It's amazing how life's twists and turns take you to the exact place you are right at this moment. The choices we make and the path that's been paved for us all leads us to where we are now.

Just a few years ago...Ok, maybe more than journey in fitness started evolving into more than just working out, but teaching others about exercise, and finally returning to college to make it full circle. I was really nervous about returning to school since I'm now a "grown-up" and much older than most of the student population. It's probably one of the best decisions I've made and thankful to have the support at home.

So this semester I made a new friend and she mentioned to me about this email, and about some sort of honors reception. I thought I received it but didn't give it much thought until she started talking to me about it. I think my natural reaction to new things-especially challenging ones-is to reject the notion. However, I was talking to my husband about it and he sort of said something that lit a fire under my skin and I know that was the purpose because he believes in me...probably more than I believe in myself at times.

As of today I am officially in the Honors in Major program at my university! What does that mean?...Well, to sum it up I will be writing an Undergraduate Thesis within 2 semesters and when I graduate, I will graduate with "Honors" which will look really great on my transcript, my thesis will be bound as a book and be available on the library shelf, and have a pretty medal around my neck for graduation day! Girl's gotta have her jewelry ;-)
I'm very excited about this and nervous as well. It's a ton of work but I'm so happy to have a fellow student/friend of mine to collaborate with. I'll keep you updated on this as I don't have to start until January on my proposal.

Today's lesson: Follow your dreams and don't let the negativity in your own mind slow you down!! You got this!