Monday, December 27, 2010

Feels Like Off Road Running

Our last long run we did was 16.5 miles. The weather was really nasty out-cold, misty rain, & windy. Not the nicest conditions. I mapped out a different route this time. I like to do different routes every time because I feel that, if I'm going to be running for 3 hours and eventually more, I'd like to venture off the beaten path. I like to say to myself, "I remember that run I did that time over that bridge..." as I'm passing by in my car, also thinking to myself how nice it is to be riding at that moment.

The last couple of miles seem to always be the hardest for me when picking up my mileage by 2. Legs on fire and pure will and comraderie getting me through and the great feeling of defeat knowing I accomplished something I had no idea I was capable of.

It's the joy of running that keeps me going.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mini Workout

Just wanted to post about a short 30 min workout I did last night. I know sometimes not belonging to a gym can be a little unmotivating but there really isn't any reason you can't get in a great workout, in the convenience of you own home! And on the plus side, no gas needed to get there. So I told myself, no excuses, Kristin!! Husband is running late tonight, you need to do some strength training and the kids are being quiet so why not take advantage?

Even if you don't have any weights at your house, there are still plenty of different exercises you can do right at home. Here's a list of what I did last night:

Warmup-aerobic dance to get started
one-legged squats
tricep push-ups(did regular ones the night before)
jumping jacks
single leg toe raises
plank holds
air punches
jumping squats
sit ups

There you go! Even though it was a short workout, I felt better knowing I did something, rather than nothing.

Monday, December 13, 2010

61 Days Til 26.2

I have a lot to catch up on since I haven't journaled about my training since before Thanksgiving. I did a 5k with my cousins back in November. It was the first 5k I did in about a year! I was a little nervous about my performance but I am pleased with my time of 26:10. My PR is 26:06 which I did last year. We had a really great time though which matters most to me.

Me(second to right)
I started working on some speed drills during the week and we did a long run of 14 miles a few weeks ago. That was an experience to remember! We weren't able to meet up early that day so we decided to go when my husband got home from work. We met up about 3ish and headed out for our run. We didn't plan it right that day because the days were getting shorter and it was getting darker earlier. Plus, we decided to run on the trail which in most spots is a little secluded. As we were hitting mile 9 or 10 the sun was almost down and we were starting to push ourselves faster and faster to beat the dark. But we didn't make it and we were running out of steam. Getting more nervous by the minute, my running buddy, S, decided she would look out to the left and I was assigned the right LOL. It's funny now, but it wasn't then. We did joke at the end that, we'd have that night to remember for a long time. Thank God, we did make it back safely.

It worked out in our training schedule that our next long run was the OUC Half Marathon. My personal goal was to do it in under 2 1/2 hrs. I did the Disney Princess Half back in March but didn't do it for a time and just had fun with the whole experience of dressing up in costume and being with a group of friends. So I was pleased when I finished this half in 2:19! Can't imagine that in Feb. we'll be doing double the distance!

So tonight is fearsome cold out but I'm still going out for my run. I'm going to try and brave it for as long as I can. I think it's in the 40's right now.

Now it's evening. I did go for my run. It was freezing! But I felt really good for most of it. My plantar is still bothering me some. It was doing great until I wore these shoes on Saturday that messed up my foot. That's what I get for wearing shoes without support. But I know that the night sock is going to help tremendously. Just like everything else in life, I need to be consistent for it to do it's job.

Well goodnight! Until the next run...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yoga Workout

Just wanted to log in my yoga workout from last night. It was 1 hr 15 min long. Went to a great yoga class with my sister-in-law and feeling a little sore this morning. My neck, shoulders, and hammies are a little tight. Other than that, I feel great-ready to conquer a run, however my run schedule is a little messed up this week. Need to do a run today but not sure if that is going to happen. I have a hair appointment tonight. Maybe I can manage to get in 30 min on the treadmill, before I have to leave. Isa also has swim team tonight. There are just not enough hours in the day!!

Also, wanted to note that I'm trying to get my name out there in the fitness industry so I'm volunteering at the Runner's Classic 10k & 5k race November 21st in Orlando. I'll be handling registration. Hoping to meet some more people and get involved. Ely took a business card from this guy at the Orlando Film Festival and brought it home for me. He wasn't sure what it was about, but on the front of the card it said "RUN" so he thought I should look into it. Also, put in an email to the owner of the foundation for volunteer opportunites. See what happens!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

On Track

So just wanting to catch up from last week. Wednesday, my friend and I did our 30 minute run. Before the run though, I measured out 1 mile on the route we go to help with some intervals. First we jogged to warm up. Then we paced ourselves for the 1 mile and we did it in 9 minutes. Then stretched out our legs and jogged for the remaining of time. We were both feeling tired and I wasn't really having much energy that morning. 9 minutes is ok. Definitely want my race pace to be faster. Something to work on.

Friday I didn't do much. I usually use this day to rest up for our long run the next morning. Saturday I woke up about 5:45am, got dressed, and made sure I ate something. Just some millet toast with peanut butter and water. It's something I regularly eat to keep me sustained for the next couple of hours. I was excited to use my new Hydrobak and it worked great! It's really convenient because it holds my water, GU, and my car key. Ely thinks it will be good for me by adding extra weight so that on race day, I will feel lighter and go faster. I hope his theory is right! So after I ate, I put on my jacket(it was a cold 44 degrees) and headed out the door to do our 12 mile run.

At first it was cold, but of course we warmed up quickly after the first couple of intervals. Soon after, the sun rose and conversations started. I think the run went really well for us and it felt easier than the first time we ran 12. Also have to note that my feet felt ok, too. Just toward the end, the top of my left foot was starting to feel strained a little. But I think it was just sore muscles because it's back to normal now. About 3/4 through the run I took my gel. I'm not really sure if it worked or not, but it's important to take, anyway. When we were finally finished, we stretched and went home. When I got home I stretched some more and spent some time with my foam roller who is a runner's best friend. I say that because like a friend, my foam roller does not give me any breaks, but is straight foward and to the point :) Just a little humor because it helps and hurts me at the same time.

Today is Sunday and my hips and quads are a little sore, but a good kind of sore. Planning on rolling out my legs again later after a hot shower. This week will be an easy week for me. I will probably do some speedwork one day, and a tempo run another. Then I will taper off for my 5k race I'm doing on Saturday. I'm really excited about doing our first "cousins race." Me and some of my cousins are doing the race together. It's going to be fun!

Happy Running to everyone!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Workout-45 min of Yoga

The yoga class didn't work out, so I managed to self motivate and do a yoga video at home this evening. It was just ok. It was more for beginners, but at least it was 45 minutes of some minor stretching. Definitely not relaxing doing it in my living room with 3 kids asking questions and getting into trouble.

Tomorrow morning is our 30 min run. Meeting up with my friend early am. I have a race coming up in 2 weeks so I want to be prepared for it. I would like to have a good time so I think tomorrow I'm going to measure out the 5k distance and try to run it in a decent time. Let's hope that yoga did a body good! And I have plans for a yoga class next week. Can't wait!

Yoga Journal - Yoga Cross-Training - Yoga for Runners

Yoga Journal - Yoga Cross-Training - Yoga for Runners

Sunday Run

Sunday was our long run day. It's been a while since we did a really long run, so I opted to do a 6.5 miler to work our way back up again. My foot was feeling pretty good and the weather was great. Yesterday I didn't workout. Just rested my legs and tonight if all goes well, I'll be doing some yoga with my sister-in-law. I love yoga, but unfortunately, I don't get to go often. I'll be trying this new place and so the first class is free! My son has t-ball practice though, so it all depends on getting a sitter for my two girls.

Yoga is great for runners and it helps prevent injuries. Some feel that yoga is not enough of a workout for them, once they get into more high impact exercises. However, the two really go well together because, part of getting the most out of your runs, is stretching after. I really can't say enough about stretching and how important it is. After a workout you should spend about 30 seconds on each stretch you do, and it's important to breathe through your moves. We tend to hold our breath, but we need that oxygen to get to our muscles. What happens when you workout is we contract and shorten the muscle you are exercising. But, we can't leave it like that, we need to lengthen it back out. So spending some time to cool down and release the tension will pay off in the end. I think today's challenge for everyone is to look up at least one yoga move and give it a try! You may be inclined to do one more :)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Healing My Foot

Last Monday I went up to the local running store and got this sock to sleep with at night which keeps my foot flexed so that the facia on the bottom of my foot stays in a position to allow it to heal quicker. After 3 nights I started to feel a difference. Normally, waking up in the morning my first couple of footsteps I take are uncomfortable until the foot warms up. However, after a few days of wearing the night-sock, my foot stopped bothering me. I will definitely keep wearing it until my foot is no longer sore. Some other things I am doing for my foot are: foam rolling my calves, stretching, massaging my calf, rolling my foot out with a frozen water bottle and I put in my inserts into my new sneakers.

I know it seems like a lot to keep up with, but it is completely worth it to me. I've had many people say to me, "Why don't you just stop running?" It sort of annoys me, but I have to see it from other people's perspective and try not to let it get to me. I do believe in resting an injury, but stopping is like giving up...on something I love. And that's not in my nature.

I have sort of this inbetween competitive spirit that likes to enjoy running, but yet could easily get focused on setting a goal to beat. I have at times thought about taking a break but I don't think that lasted more than a day!

So, what type of mental barriers, or physical obstacles are you being faced with? And, will you give up on your favorite things that set your mind free????

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Accessories!...And Run Therapy

We were supposed to run over the weekend and still have yet to complete our 14 miler! I went away over the weekend and my friend, S, had a big party to get ready for at her house, but after this weekend, I vowed that nothing was going to come between me and my running!! I think all the tension was building up in me-had not ran since last Wednesday-and today I had the last straw! I called up S. and asked her if she wanted to go for an easy run after my daughter's swim practice. She said yes and I was looking forward to it.

Something about running that just clears the mind and makes you a better person after! There's also something about running with a great friend that makes it that much more enjoyable, even when the running gets tough-We Keep GOING! The run was great tonight...the weather was mild, sun was setting, and wind slightly blowing. Just a great night to be outside and we ended up running an extra 10 minutes. I have yet to measure the distance, but we ran for 40 minutes. After that, I decided to take some pictures with my phone since I forgot my camera.

I wanted to include some pictures of two new accessories added to my running collection. On Sunday when I came home from my little trip, my husband surprised me with something I've been wanting/needing for my training on my long runs....he bought me a Camelback backpack! SOO much easier than putting out water bottles along our routes. Also, a few weekends ago, I was at my sons t-ball game and a woman was going around with handmade hair ribbons to purchase for a small fee that goes to Breast Cancer. I bought two, one for me and one for S. Thought it was perfect since the race we are doing is 26.2 with Donna-The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer and in which 100% of the proceeds go to The Donna Foundation. And I feel that the words, "Overcome Together" speak to me in many ways. We will wear our ribbons proudly!

Feeling strong at the end!!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Ok so taking pictures at 5:30am doesn't provide the best outcome, but that's not what I was going for anyway! LOL.

I've always said that regrets are a waste of time, but in this case, I do wish I would have started journaling about my first marathon from the start. But when I think about it, the start could be anywhere and not just signing up for this race I'm doing with my friend, in February 2011. I've been running for many years now, taking breaks here and there, had 3 kids, starting running's an endless cycle that always brings me back to the one thing I love to do-RUN! Running, or just working out or doing any type of exercise, is something in which I take pride in and brings me and my thoughts to the next level.

So right now, my friend, S, and I are training for our first marathon. She likes to run and we are pretty good partners being that we run around the same pace, and we push each other to do better and go faster. I think we have about 16 weeks left until race day so our mileage is starting to pick up now. Our last run was 12 miles and was not pretty. The last mile or so was pretty tough and my right foot was starting to cramp up. Since then my arch is sore at times and I can tell that I really need to do extra stretching if I'm going to make it through our next run which is supposed to be this weekend, doing 14. I think I may try and break it up into halves so it's not soo long all at once to see how my foot does. My next step is to get a splint to wear at night that keeps my foot stretched out when I'm sleeping.

I'm supposed to run tomorrow but I'm heading out of town so looks like I'll be making friends with the treadmill tonight or early tomorrow before I leave. I have some great ideas for this blog so keep checking back!