Sunday, November 7, 2010

On Track

So just wanting to catch up from last week. Wednesday, my friend and I did our 30 minute run. Before the run though, I measured out 1 mile on the route we go to help with some intervals. First we jogged to warm up. Then we paced ourselves for the 1 mile and we did it in 9 minutes. Then stretched out our legs and jogged for the remaining of time. We were both feeling tired and I wasn't really having much energy that morning. 9 minutes is ok. Definitely want my race pace to be faster. Something to work on.

Friday I didn't do much. I usually use this day to rest up for our long run the next morning. Saturday I woke up about 5:45am, got dressed, and made sure I ate something. Just some millet toast with peanut butter and water. It's something I regularly eat to keep me sustained for the next couple of hours. I was excited to use my new Hydrobak and it worked great! It's really convenient because it holds my water, GU, and my car key. Ely thinks it will be good for me by adding extra weight so that on race day, I will feel lighter and go faster. I hope his theory is right! So after I ate, I put on my jacket(it was a cold 44 degrees) and headed out the door to do our 12 mile run.

At first it was cold, but of course we warmed up quickly after the first couple of intervals. Soon after, the sun rose and conversations started. I think the run went really well for us and it felt easier than the first time we ran 12. Also have to note that my feet felt ok, too. Just toward the end, the top of my left foot was starting to feel strained a little. But I think it was just sore muscles because it's back to normal now. About 3/4 through the run I took my gel. I'm not really sure if it worked or not, but it's important to take, anyway. When we were finally finished, we stretched and went home. When I got home I stretched some more and spent some time with my foam roller who is a runner's best friend. I say that because like a friend, my foam roller does not give me any breaks, but is straight foward and to the point :) Just a little humor because it helps and hurts me at the same time.

Today is Sunday and my hips and quads are a little sore, but a good kind of sore. Planning on rolling out my legs again later after a hot shower. This week will be an easy week for me. I will probably do some speedwork one day, and a tempo run another. Then I will taper off for my 5k race I'm doing on Saturday. I'm really excited about doing our first "cousins race." Me and some of my cousins are doing the race together. It's going to be fun!

Happy Running to everyone!!

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