Friday, October 22, 2010


Ok so taking pictures at 5:30am doesn't provide the best outcome, but that's not what I was going for anyway! LOL.

I've always said that regrets are a waste of time, but in this case, I do wish I would have started journaling about my first marathon from the start. But when I think about it, the start could be anywhere and not just signing up for this race I'm doing with my friend, in February 2011. I've been running for many years now, taking breaks here and there, had 3 kids, starting running's an endless cycle that always brings me back to the one thing I love to do-RUN! Running, or just working out or doing any type of exercise, is something in which I take pride in and brings me and my thoughts to the next level.

So right now, my friend, S, and I are training for our first marathon. She likes to run and we are pretty good partners being that we run around the same pace, and we push each other to do better and go faster. I think we have about 16 weeks left until race day so our mileage is starting to pick up now. Our last run was 12 miles and was not pretty. The last mile or so was pretty tough and my right foot was starting to cramp up. Since then my arch is sore at times and I can tell that I really need to do extra stretching if I'm going to make it through our next run which is supposed to be this weekend, doing 14. I think I may try and break it up into halves so it's not soo long all at once to see how my foot does. My next step is to get a splint to wear at night that keeps my foot stretched out when I'm sleeping.

I'm supposed to run tomorrow but I'm heading out of town so looks like I'll be making friends with the treadmill tonight or early tomorrow before I leave. I have some great ideas for this blog so keep checking back!

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