Monday, October 25, 2010

New Accessories!...And Run Therapy

We were supposed to run over the weekend and still have yet to complete our 14 miler! I went away over the weekend and my friend, S, had a big party to get ready for at her house, but after this weekend, I vowed that nothing was going to come between me and my running!! I think all the tension was building up in me-had not ran since last Wednesday-and today I had the last straw! I called up S. and asked her if she wanted to go for an easy run after my daughter's swim practice. She said yes and I was looking forward to it.

Something about running that just clears the mind and makes you a better person after! There's also something about running with a great friend that makes it that much more enjoyable, even when the running gets tough-We Keep GOING! The run was great tonight...the weather was mild, sun was setting, and wind slightly blowing. Just a great night to be outside and we ended up running an extra 10 minutes. I have yet to measure the distance, but we ran for 40 minutes. After that, I decided to take some pictures with my phone since I forgot my camera.

I wanted to include some pictures of two new accessories added to my running collection. On Sunday when I came home from my little trip, my husband surprised me with something I've been wanting/needing for my training on my long runs....he bought me a Camelback backpack! SOO much easier than putting out water bottles along our routes. Also, a few weekends ago, I was at my sons t-ball game and a woman was going around with handmade hair ribbons to purchase for a small fee that goes to Breast Cancer. I bought two, one for me and one for S. Thought it was perfect since the race we are doing is 26.2 with Donna-The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer and in which 100% of the proceeds go to The Donna Foundation. And I feel that the words, "Overcome Together" speak to me in many ways. We will wear our ribbons proudly!

Feeling strong at the end!!

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