Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mini Workout

Just wanted to post about a short 30 min workout I did last night. I know sometimes not belonging to a gym can be a little unmotivating but there really isn't any reason you can't get in a great workout, in the convenience of you own home! And on the plus side, no gas needed to get there. So I told myself, no excuses, Kristin!! Husband is running late tonight, you need to do some strength training and the kids are being quiet so why not take advantage?

Even if you don't have any weights at your house, there are still plenty of different exercises you can do right at home. Here's a list of what I did last night:

Warmup-aerobic dance to get started
one-legged squats
tricep push-ups(did regular ones the night before)
jumping jacks
single leg toe raises
plank holds
air punches
jumping squats
sit ups

There you go! Even though it was a short workout, I felt better knowing I did something, rather than nothing.

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