Monday, December 27, 2010

Feels Like Off Road Running

Our last long run we did was 16.5 miles. The weather was really nasty out-cold, misty rain, & windy. Not the nicest conditions. I mapped out a different route this time. I like to do different routes every time because I feel that, if I'm going to be running for 3 hours and eventually more, I'd like to venture off the beaten path. I like to say to myself, "I remember that run I did that time over that bridge..." as I'm passing by in my car, also thinking to myself how nice it is to be riding at that moment.

The last couple of miles seem to always be the hardest for me when picking up my mileage by 2. Legs on fire and pure will and comraderie getting me through and the great feeling of defeat knowing I accomplished something I had no idea I was capable of.

It's the joy of running that keeps me going.

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