Sunday, February 6, 2011

1 Week Until 26.2 with Donna!

I can't believe how fast time has passed and only one week until the big race. I've been cross training a little more and I need to get in a run tomorrow.

I also have my 30 minute cardio interval class I'm holding in my neighborhood tomorrow morning. Yesterday, I had two people show up which was an improvement from Wednesday night and that I had one person. I am thankful however, for anyone who comes. I really do enjoy working out and bringing that enjoyment to others. To help them change their lives and to help them achieve their goals. I know how important it is for someone to need that extra motivation to get them on the path to better health.

So this week is all about preparation for the weekend to come. I am meeting up with my running buddy this week to discuss race plans...which of course includes some coffee and a discussion of apparel :) Yes, it is important to look good AND race-at least to me anyway! The race is for breast cancer, so I'm planning on wearing LOTS of PINK. I recently bought a pink nailpolish.

I looked at the race website and the goodie bag is awesome! A pink bag, backpack style and the race tech shirt has the pretty emblem of the medal on it. Of course there will be other free products in there which are a surprise.

To end this on a positive note, I found an inspirational video to post. It's from the website Enjoy!

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