Saturday, June 11, 2011

Detox is Over and Feeling Great!

So the detox is over and my husband and I couldn't feel any better! He's losing weight, we both feel great, and the best thing is that I feel like the 21 days has turned into a way of life for us. We are going to stick with the gluten free at home. If we go out we won't worry about having the wheat since neither one of us are allergic. However I do notice a more bloated feeling when I tried a little wheat. The worst thing that I ate on the detox that made me feel awful was instant mashed potatoes. I know that sounds bazaar, but it's true. I normally keep some on hand just for days I don't have much time for the real thing. Well I did make them once and it was late one night after taking my daughter to swim practice and I was starved! My stomach felt so bad after eating that. I had veggies with it so I know it wasn't that.

I have discovered some new and delicious products like Sunshine burgers, brown rice tortillas, Gardein Orange 'chicken', Van's Waffles(gf & vegan), Rice chips, and much more.

One dish that I discovered when we were out last Monday was in Nature's Table. A new twist on the traditional fuit salad! It was so delicious and new to the taste buds. It was a fuit & veggie salad :) Diced up cucumbers, zucchini, green peppers, grapes, green & red apples tossed with a light, sweet & savory herb dressing. My husband and I were out that morning and trying to find a restaurant that served anything vegan was so difficult. Unfortunately, all the vegan restaurants don't open until 11am and it was only 9:30am. That was really frustrating! But the fruit salad saved the day...or my stomach for that matter ;)

I love a good challenge! I have a new idea for my husband and I-maybe even the kids too!
Stay tuned :)

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