Friday, April 15, 2011

Relieving Stress Through Exercise

This week as been very stressful for me. Just a lot of anxiety and I was starting to feel my stomach twisting up. The other day I couldn't take it anymore and when my husband got off work, I headed out the door for a walk with my music. And yes, I said walk. I normally will go for a run, but unfortunately, I think I'm getting ITBS on my left side now.Ever since I did that 15k with the big bridges I've been having some trouble running. So now I know it's time to lay off of it and start using that torture tool, the foam roller. I have MUCH experience with it and hope to nip this thing early. Then it started to rain about 10 minutes into my walk so I ran back to my house and finished up on my treadmill. I made it fun though. I'm not into the walking indoors thing, so I have to liven it up a little. I did some incline and side skipping and push ups, all on the treadmill! 60 minutes went by pretty fast and I felt so much better afterwards. I'm not into walking that much just because I don't feel like it's intense enough for me, but like with anything else, it's what you put into it. Increasing the intensity...speed and incline. Just think outside the box and your workout will transform itself.

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  1. Awww girl I hope that the ITBS goes away soon! That is a shame, but I think you're right that if you take it easy for a little while, your body will start to heal itself. I truly wish I had a treadmill or an elliptical at home, I love using them but hate going to the gym. That would be awesome to walk/run through a fave movie in the comfort of your own home! Maybe one day lol. Congrats on your workout and hope next week is less stressful for you! Luv ya!! :)