Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Listening to Your Body

The connection between mind and body is essential when in training or in everyday activities. You know how you feel at the moment and whether it's normal or not. Knowing when to take a rest and when to push hard is something you must determine ultimately.

I'm a big advocate in "listening" to your body. Now, don't expect to start hearing body parts talking to you literally! What I mean is when you know you aren't feeling up to par, or feeling a little more tired than normal, don't feel pressured into working out. Taking a day or two off if needed is OK!

This past week I've been feeling a sudden surge of fatigue due to a personal health problem I have and every now and again, this happens. So I am not afraid or embarressed to admit I haven't worked out now for maybe 3-4 days(depending on if I get in my weight workout today). I normally workout maybe 5 times per week. There is no point in forcing myself to workout because I know it could either make me feel worse, or my workout would be pathetic. So I did what I felt was best, and that was to rest.

Today I am feeling much better so I'm hoping to get some weights in depending how I feel later on. And if I don't, I'm ok with that too. Because I know that once I'm back to feeling my best, I will get back into my routine.

Have any of you reading this had a similar situation they'd like to share?

Have a great Wednesday!

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