Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Week 1 Detox Recap

So the first week is done!

Honestly the hardest thing for me has been having no coffee. I miss it even more on Sundays. But with 2 weeks left in my detox, I think I still have room to grow. In a way, it's so binding to feel that way about food. Once the craving passes, I will start to feel freedom from something that used to hold me down. I know at times I had though about how coffee was hindering my performance as an athlete. I wasn't eating breakfast as well and went I went out for a run, I felt dehydrated. I would get cramps easier, too. I am so glad I am doing this detox to better my running and also my body.

Last night I made another awesome Mexican Monday recipe. Last week it was tacos using the Boca crumbles. This week, it was roasted POTATO tacos! Not only do I love this recipe but my husband and kids were loving it too! I also happen to think it's great to use something in place of meat that doesn't resemble meat...get me?

This dinner was inspired to me by something my mother ordered at Infusion Tea in Orlando. I made it my own creation by making a corn, black bean, & avocado salsa to top off the Roasted Potato Tacos. I used my brown rice tortilla and filled it with vegan sour cream, roasted potatoes, and my homemade salsa. On the side we had some whole grain brown rice with cumin and black beans and a green salad(that I ended up using to stuff in my taco instead.
The pictures do it NO justice :)

Today is the juice fast. I went to the market and bought some fresh organics to use today. Something different that I bought was daikon, a root vegetable and was told I could juice it and the stems too. I even went crazy this morning and added a small bit of garlic to the green juice I made. I was a little skweemish to think about drinking garlic, but I'm glad I only used a tiny bit and it came out ok-not too strong. I did cucumber, spinach, celery, red apples, ginger & garlic.

So tomorrow is my birthday! I will be following my detox, but for dessert I have my vegan cake! I'm so excited to see what it is. My husband went to the bakery the other day to order it and came up with some creation of his...he said there is two types of fruit in it...but that was all the clues I got...hmmm.

Now to make some more juice!


  1. That looked yummy. Glad you had a nice birthday!

  2. You are doing a great job. Good job on the coffee. I didn't have coffee on my 24 day thing I did and even a week or two before that and I honestly don't miss it.