Thursday, May 19, 2011

Week 1 of the Detox and More Pictures

This is a green juice using green apples, cucumber, celery, ginger, kale

 Below is a picture of the "chicken" salad I'm trying to replicate from a nearby heath store that sells this. My mother-in-law and husband are big fans of it so far! Go me :) It's main ingredients are TVP, celery, & carrots.

 My berry smoothie I made yesterday. Strawberries,
 bananas, peaches, blueberries & agave. This one was a
big hit with the kids too.
 For dinner yesterday I made a tofu lasagna. I had enough ingredients leftover to
make two individual dishes for my husband and I for the next day that we
could have for lunch. I used brown rice pasta and almond cheese for the top.

 Below is my regualar lasagna with fresh tomato slices on top(covered by cheese).
It came out really good. Everyone ate it up! I love the brown rice noodles. Have to be careful to overcook them or they fall apart.
In the mornings I've been faithful to having my tea. I only miss coffee sometimes. Mostly when I pass a coffee place. What I'm hoping to get out of this 21 day detox is a healthier body, improve my endometriosis symptoms by eating a lot of anti-inflammatory foods, reduce my risk of injury, and to get leaner in my bodyfat percentage. Being a personal trainer, it is important to me to have a low bodyfat percentage. And I have already lost a couple of pounds. I'm not restricting my calories, but just by following this detox, I have been eating more greens and less bad carbs. I'm not feeling hungry. At night I have not been snacking either which is something I would normally do. If I do get hungry, I would probably have some fruit or tea. My husband is doing really well so far. He likes all the green juices and smoothies I've been making and especially this veggie sandwich I made twice this week on millet garlic & basil bread. WOW, this bread is good! I am going to the health store tomorrow to order some for next week(probably 2 loaves) and while I'm there, maybe grab some millet hamburger buns for my veggie burgers. I am going to try using the veggie pulp from my juicing to make some dip or into burgers...or who knows what I'll come up with! But whatever it is, I will blog it :)

Oh and my birthday is next week!! No cheating for me, EXCEPT for a vegan birthday cake-I'm not giving up my once a year tradition, but it will be vegan.
Til, tomorrow!
See ya then.

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