Saturday, July 9, 2011

Book Club Welcome!

Welcome to our first book club discussion! I know there are a few of you who may be following along without the book yet and if you are one of them, feel free to share any information about you-as a runner and mother and how you got started.

This weekend we are covering the first 3 chapters. Even if you haven't read the book yet, feel free to answer in on any of the questions if you like.

So here we go with the questions!!

1. How did you get into running? Was it before or after becoming a mother?
2. Did you know who Sarah and Dimity were before reading this book?
3. In the first chapter, Dimity wonders why running means so much to her, that she wakes up before the sun even rises, to feel "alive again." Are any of you early morning runners? How has running made you feel alive?

4. What do you consider a "delicious run"?
5. What is one thing you "despise" about running?
6. Like Sarah, have you become more athletic since having children?
7. Sarah has some great PR's! What are your PR's? No matter what they are, we are all entitled to bragging rights!!
8. What and/or who motivates you?
9. I just got a running log with my Runner's World subcription but, I'm not sure if I'm diligent enough to use one. What is the best form of motivation for you? Are you results driven...need someone to push you...etc?
10. Mental Toughness in chapter 3, is something that is strengthened as an athlete. Pushing your body to the limits and going beyond and a little farther than what you think you are capable of.
How has running changed your mental strength, and in turn, changed you as a mother?
Can you name the specific moment, time, or run, up until this point, that took your mental toughness to the next level?

11. What's your "Mantra"?

Feel free to ask any other question to the group that you would like to discuss! These are just some questions to get the ball rolling :)


  1. Ok, I will go first!

    1. I first got into running when I was a teenager. It was something I did alone-for fun and fitness. After having my first child, I didn't run as regularly.
    2. I had no clue who S & D were before reading this book! lol.
    3. If I'm going to run, I do prefer to run early morning. I can relate to the author when she feels the first couple miles are hard, then her body awakens. Running to me, is the best sweat and I feel happy when I do it.

    4 A delicious run for me is, one that is shared with a good friend, rooting each other on to push just a little bit further than the last with sweat running down my face and completely exhausted.
    5. I despise injuries! Enough said.
    6. I have always been athletic, but I would say I'm more competitive now.
    7. PR's: 5k-26:06; 1/2 Marathon-2:19; Full-6:03(It's not over yet!)
    8. I have to say that my biggest motivation is signing up for a race. I need the commitment. Also, a great tune with a strong beat.
    9.I am a results driven person and competitive so I like to beat my last PR.
    10. How I got the name Mind Over Body is because that is how I believe I get through my training. Training your mind is so important to push past every part of your body that is saying "stop." It's up to you whether you want to accept that, or go on. You make that choice. Mental toughness was training for triathlons, then the full marathon. For me, it's getting to the point of feeling every ounce of my body was screaming, while I kept on running to achieve a goal. It came to me during a 24 mile training run.

    11. My mantra is "No Regrets"

  2. I will answer some of them.

    1. I got in to running after having children. Kristin ( my sister in law) was talking to me last August about running and some of the runs she had coming up. She said I should try it b/c it is good cardio. I had other friends talk to me about running before and never thought of myself as a runner so I never gave it a try. Finally after talking to her (Kristin)I decided to give it a try. Well, I tried it and I love it.
    2. I never heard of those two ladies before this book. I feel connected somehow to Sarah: we both have twins and a single child.
    3. I am not an early morning runner. I like my sleep too much.
    4. A delicious run is when you run with a friend. Good motivation to keep going.
    5. When I can't go any further when I really want to go further. (like when you get tired).
    6. I don't know if you want to say that I have become more athletic since having children but maybe trying to keep more active. I was always very active as a child and during school years.
    7. My PR's: 5k- 32:26, 6 mile- 1:11 15k- 1:53:17
    8. You motivate me and my other runner friends. I want to be able to run that fast one day.
    9. I like to use my Garmin watch and then upload my runs to the computer and compare my running times.
    11. One of my mantra's is "who do you want to be?"

  3. 1. I got into running when one child was 2 and the other just turned 1. In that same month, my complete lifestyle changed. I began training for my first marathon and we began eating a vegan diet.
    2. I had not heard of them.
    3. Yes, I am generally an early morning runner. My husband works long hours, so I can't do evening runs. During the week, I try to run before my husband goes to work. If I don't make it up early enough, I run on the treadmill at the Y, which I do not care for. Runs on the weekends are early so we have family time the rest of the day.
    4. Agreed, a delicious run is one with a friend(s) that leaves me feeling great or accomplishing something I had not done before (or in a long time).
    5. Really early mornings or a long run I have to do on a treadmill.
    6. Yes
    7. LOL, I am like the one author who is not so great at keeping up with this kind of thing. I have to ask my friend, Katie. She is great with numbers and remembering these things. Maybe I'll start a running diary/resume so I have the data.
    8. I have found I have to sign up for a race to motivate me to get out there. Running friends have also been inspirational. I just stated using music this year since I did my first 2 1/2 races alone (Pensacola Beach's 15 K Double Bridge Run, the Disney Princess Half Marathon and most of the Iron Girl Half I ran alone).
    9. I started a log, but have not kept up with it. When running with friends, over the past few years, it has been mainly for fun and health. Just before having my last child (15 months old) and since getting back into running, I have began pushing and trying to get back to my old times and hope to surpass them.
    10. Yes, I believe in mind over matter completely. Training for my first marathon took me to that next level.
    11. I have several. Love you guys' mantras!

  4. 1. I started running when I was 12 years old and in the 7th grade, a requirement of being part of track team (hmmm, imagine that!). Before the 1st season was over, I was hooked. It astounds me that I've been running for 20 years!

    2. Their names were familiar- I think I recognized them through RW.

    3. I prefer to run in the evenings after a long day, but since training for my marathons, I've come to appreciate seeing the sun come up and completing the run before the day becomes cluttered with other things on my To-Do list....that and the freakin' FL heat, humidity, and daily rain!

    4. A delicious run is one in which I feel strong and energized....the stars are in alignment and I can just go and go.

    5. Running is such an integral part of who I am that I really distress when I'm injured. Not only am I driven crazy by my restless energy, but my family is to. ;)

    6. Hmmmm....well, yes and no. Since having children, I've certainly pursued more ambitious running goals. But more athletic over all- probably not.

    7. PRs: 5K- never pushed myself to have a PR. I'm always tagging along with someone else, running their pace and chatting.
    15K- 1:39
    half- 1:21
    full- 4:56

    8. I find that I compete against myself, and I ♥ some really good music on a run. Recently, I've been intrigued with the idea of, as Sarah says, pushing it to E. I'm not sure that I can motivate to do it myself yet, and certainly not with children as young as mine, but it's an idea that's stewing.

    9. It depends on the end goal. If I'm training for a race, I'm results driven. If I'm between races, I'm more relaxed about my runs.

    10.This was an interesting chapter for me, as I've already mentioned. The idea of mental toughness appeals to me, although I don't think I'm all that mentally tough. Push out 3 babies w/o pain meds- sure! Push through the doldrums and fatigue of a trying run- eh, not so much. I'm working on it though, and I'm seeing results.

    11. A mantra I like to use is "Up and over."

  5. Oh- need to correct my half PR! It's 2:21. Sorry 'bout that. I was on and off the comp trying to get my answers written while doing mommy stuff. I'm sure you all know how that is. :)

  6. Love all of your answers! Thank you so much for taking time out for this group. I know everyone has things going on.

    I forgot to include my PR for the 15k- 1:32

    I'm trying to think of my next race :)

    So, happy reading for the next week and if there are any questions, comments, concerns, just post a message to me on FB :)


  7. I didn't read the book, but here it goes...

    1. How did you get into running? I just one day decided that I need to run a Half Marathon and signed up with Team in Training. Later I decided that I would never run with Team in Training or any other charity that does animal testing.
    2. Did you know who Sarah and Dimity were before reading this book? No, haven't read the book!
    3. I'm not a early morning runner, but if I know people are expecting me then I will totally be there. Running makes me feel alive because it makes me feel good all over. I feel more in touch with nature and the seasons when I'm running outside two or three days a week.

    4. What do you consider a "delicious run"? One that is long enough to feel accomplished and short enough to feel awesome when I cross the finish line. Half Marathons are delicious runs :)

    5. What is one thing you "despise" about running? That as much as I want to be fast, I'm not.

    6. Like Sarah, have you become more athletic since having children? I think so. I have always been involved in sports or dancing my whole life but I definitely make more effort now.

    7. Sarah has some great PR's! What are your PR's? No matter what they are, we are all entitled to bragging rights!! 2:27 half marathon, 5:15 Marathon
    8. What and/or who motivates you? The fact that I am going to be 40 in a year motivates me...I gotta do what I can while I still have the energy :)
    9. Looking HOT in a nice dress motivates me :)

    10. How has running changed your mental strength, and in turn, changed you as a mother?
    I always tell myself that childbirth was tougher than this, "pull up your big girl panties" and RUN! (quote by Katie Katterfield)

    11. What's your "Mantra"? Believe it and you will achieve it