Friday, July 22, 2011

Chapters 4, 5. & 6...of Run Like A Mother.

Sorry this is coming so late but last week I was encountering a crisis(not really, but to me it was) and couldn't think about anything else. So here I am!! I broke out of my funk, and even got a couple run/walks in, also.

How is everyone liking this book so far? For me I like it, but since I've been into the running world for a few years now, the first few chapters sound like they are giving the basics and necessities, such for newer runners out there. I'm hoping to learn something I didn't know, which I'm sure I will since there is always room for knowledge :)

1. What's your favorite sneaker? Do you ever switch brands according to color or styles, or to try something new?

2. Where do you put your keys on a run?
3. What is your favorite running accessory?
4. What is something you find hard to reason in paying a lot for, but know that if you don't, your quality of training is lessened?
5. Gotta Have-IT...on my wishlist!
6. Favorite shirt slogan? Either one you have seen, or in the RLAM book.
7. What do you do with your old race tshirts that are "ugly, wouldn't be caught dead in that!"?

OPEN MIC: Someone from the group asks a question, if you have any :)

So I am wondering what weekend works best for everyone to meet-up? Friday night, Saturday, or Sunday? You can email me with your answers to make it more private. I will get with you all on Facebook also, to choose a place and time.

I will be posting the next set of discussion questions this weekend. I'm going to try and do it tonight since I have family coming in from out of town, but feel free to answer them whenever since I am late in posting these.

Happy Posting!


  1. 1) I wear what they tell me to wear.

    2) Car keys either go tied into my shoe laces, tucked up underneath for short runs (<7 miles) or in my running pack for longer mileage.

    3) Ipod. Love it.

    4) Socks.

    5) Thinking about picking up some kind of gadgety watch...GPS, heart rate monitor, pacing- the works. Just debating on which one.

    6) "Through Him, all things are possible", "Does this shirt make my butt look fast?" and "Runs on Plants"

    7) Give them to family members to wear as junk shirts.

  2. 1. I have always had the New Balance brand. I get them fit at the running store. I have never switched brands but have changed the color of the shoe.
    2. I put my keys in my shorts "key" pocket or I might pin them inside the pocket if I think they might fall out.
    3. I love my Garmin GPS watch.
    4. I felt that way about my Garmin before I got it.
    6. "I'm running from my kids". I about fell down the first time I saw that one.
    7. I have all of my running shirts in a pile in the closet. When I get enough of them I might get someone to make me a blanket out of them.